making little ones feel like a big deal

We work closely with your family philosophy to give your child the unique and specialized care that they deserve.

Our goals are to work together with you to:

PLAN: Create an individualized plan together with you to address your child’s specific treatment needs

TREAT: Work with you to complete treatment in a way that works with your family philosophy

PREVENT: Help you and your child maintain healthy, cavity free dental visits in the future

We have a team approach to treating all of our young patients. Our referring dentists, hygienists, parents and patients are all part of The Smile Team!

We encourage parents to participate in promoting a positive attitude towards dentistry and healthy dental habits for the whole family!

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Our goal is for you to leave our office with a memorable and enjoyable dental experience, which is why our welcoming and compassionate staff will do everything they can to make you feel right at home.

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What Our Patients Say

Our hygienist was amazing. Last year she was only able to partially do polish on my then 3.5 year old son but that was ok and he had a positive experience. This year 2.5 year old daughter came and she struggled a little so we did the thing where she lays on our knees and she did perfect. We were able to do the exam, polish and flossing with no tears. Perfection!

Alyssa P.

Great office. My son fell and broke a molar, and needed a crown -- The Smile Team made the experience a positive one (which was so important to me because he is only 5). I really wanted to avoid the scenario of making the dentist's office a scary place for him (a fear which affects many people throughout their lives). He came home happy, and said it didn't hurt at all, and was excited about the fun, kid friendly environment. Thank you!

Ashley I.

Dr. Prabdeep is awesome, my 4 years old daughter goes there for her treatment,the whole staff is super nice and friendly, we had to reschedule our appointments several times but they are very accommodating and patience. My daughter waits for her next appointment eagerly since she gets 2 to 3 toys there. Keep it up guys.

Navreet S.

We are always accepting new patients – no referral needed!

Our doctors will do a dental exam to see if there are any signs of weak enamel as cavities progress very fast in baby teeth. Diagnostic radiographs will be taken at the age of three or if necessary prior to that age.

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